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Allegro 234 is a global branding and innovation consultancy that catalyzes your company grow through its brands and culture.

Twenty Years Building Brands and Forging Awesome Friendships

We continue enjoying this journey… We continue creating and building the route on which today we surpassed this great milestone. Let’s go for more!

Measuring Your Business and Brand Consciousness

First comprehensive approach to measuring and understanding where your company and brand are on their journey to building consciousness

How Business Can Do the Right Thing and Be Profitable

Brands with a Conscience: A Research Study into How Business Can Do the Right Thing and Be Profitable Medinge Group has been working with the idea of brands with a conscience since 2005, and in 2021, we initiated an international series of research studies looking at...

Positioning a Brand Driven by Current Business Demands

It is key that the brand supports and synthesises the development of the business transformation process

New Space, Old Acquaintances

New Space, Old Acquaintances

Allegro 234 & IPMark. New space providing a practical vision on purpose as a lever for sustainable growth and transformation