Measuring Your Business and Brand Consciousness

The first comprehensive effort and approach to measuring and understanding where your company and brand are on their journey to building consciousness

Allegro 234 launches a model to measure the level of company and brand consciousness, both individually and globally.

Companies and Brands with a Conscience

Beyond shareholders and customers, there is a genuine need to organically respond to new demands from different audiences, especially in their role as citizens, about the positive impact of business in order to help human progress and prosperity.

Building a brand with a conscience is a time-consuming, organic, fluid, adaptive and, above all, novel process in the sense that it has no particular path, although it does have milestones to reach.

Such a path recognises people, companies, and brands, and must satisfy everything from a straightforward and unsubtle commercial offer to pursuing a positive social and environmental impact. It is a sequential journey in which it is advisable to define achievable objectives and go for them, one after the other, without any surprises.

A Model for Understanding Corporate and Brand Consciousness

The measurement model we have developed considers two main aspects:

  • The relationship between the development of the business and its brand -from operationally driven companies to those that focus on generating positive social and environmental outcomes and impact.
  • The behaviours of the company and its brand in terms of its capacity for change; from aversion to generating contextual changes

Both chapters not only provide a preliminary understanding of the state of business and brand consciousness, but also lead to a reflection on what might be the next challenges the company might face.

Measurement and Immediate Result for Each Participant

This assessment is the first step in understanding how the business can leverage conscious business growth through people, brands and experiences.

It’s to recognise the need for transformation -even disruption- due to the demands of a globalised and turbulent world, which is becoming increasingly digitised whilst expressing greater social and environmental demands.

Global Result

Additionally, the aggregation of anonymised data will help to develop a live map to understand the “State of the Brands with Conscience” and its evolution. Thus, in a couple of months you will also be able to get an idea of where you stand in relation to other companies.

Individual Results

Throughout this self-assessment we will provide some tips associated with particular answers.

At the end of the assessment, we will also give an overview of the possible challenges that each participating company and its brands may face -downloadable at the end of the self-assessment.

How It Works

Intuitively, the model guides participants through a series of questions that help them understand what is needed to build a conscious brand.

At the end of the data collection phase, the overall results will be analysed and published, allowing a comparison of the performance of each brand in relation to the rest of them, to see where they stand and to reflect on what could be done.

The self-assessment takes less than 10 minutes to be completed.

For those companies seeking detailed results on their conscious transformation, a more complex and adjusted model is used, which must be completed by a representative group of all key audiences. This is a type of project that results in a roadmap of what the company and brand should strategically do.

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Jun 20, 2022

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