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Increasing the differentiation of Osborne’s brand of Rioja denomination-of-origin wine and cellar

The Challenge

Reinforce and revitalise the Montecillo brand by working both conceptually and creatively, seeking to increase its levels of differentiation and relevance.

To this end, the following was considered:

  • Addressing differential aspects arising from consumer behaviour and trends that may affect future consumption patterns
  • Develop a brand concept aligned with value creation, both in the corporate identity of the cellar and in its product identity
  • Build the concepts and stories around the brand ensuring that it captures the legacy, present and aspirations of the company
  • Ensure that the concept is part of building the brand in the premium segment of La Rioja wines.

Our Answer

Conceptual and Strategic

Work at both corporate and product levels, ensuring in both cases that the brand is aligned with the company’s strategy.

  • Analyse at an international level the characteristics of the business (demand and industry) and market (affinity and psychographics).
  • In addition to the classical approach of average consumption habits, analyse trends based on the value structure and behaviour of each particular market.
  • Analyse strengths, competitive structure and leaders, assuming atomised markets.

Adjust brand archetype ensuring what the winery aspires to, however, within a framework of realism, authenticity and applicability of the concept.


Use a co-creative process to define and develop:

  • The definition of brand territories and concepts
  • The design explorations of brand identifiers and visual language
  • The refinement of the final design

The Results

The most important result of this project was to enhance the value of the Montecillo cellar, which needs to compete with others in order to enter the various global wine tourism circuits.

The general concept:

  • Concept adjustment
  • Development of the experience
  • Role of the storyteller
  • Keys to the story

The winery experience:

  • Pace: transition, momentum and destination
  • Hotspots
  • Cellar Tour -Live barrels, Interactive bottle rack, Sea of bottles, Shop and tasting, Cellar Exclusive
  • Deployment and investment


  • Description, contents and scripts
  • Audiovisual proposal -Teaser, Corporate, Tour, Mapping
  • Treatment and advancement of contents -Image, Voiceover

The story that is built:

  • Montecillo, the explorer navigateur
  • The wine
  • The Winery

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