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It’s with great excitement and pride that we welcome Ricardo Sánchez Montero to Allegro 234 as Audiovisual Hub Contributor.

With more than a 20-year professional track record, Ricardo is focused on the creation and management of audiovisual content for television, film, advertising and multimedia events.

Numerous successes include the direction of television programs in TVE, Atresmedia and Mediaset, the design and management of Rural TV channels and FlyMusic. Also he has been Executive Producer on documentary films, advertising and multimedia shows.

We know that, together with our clients, his positive endeavors will drive all of us to craft epic brand experiences that get traction, stories that spread, visuals that inspire.

Please, join us in welcoming, Ricardo!

Allegro 234
Building timeless brands from the future.

We anticipate the patterns to create landmarks and metaphors with a personal touch, mastering the details, empowering the sense of harmony and integration.

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