Based in California, he brings new wisdom and vitality to our crafted branding approach

Merging creation, digitalization and innovation to build together timeless brands from the future

It’s with great excitement and pride that we welcome Russell Volckmann to Allegro 234 as Creative Hub Contributor.

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Russell is an award-winning designer, creative director and brand strategist. Having lived and developed his career in California, Germany and Japan, he brings a deep knowledge of both real-world and digital branding across a variety of market sectors.

With more than a 20-year professional track record, his wide and recognized experience includes leading projects for agencies like Landor, FCB Global, Völckmann + Friends, Origami or Sweet Danger.

Numerous successes include such organizations as Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, L’Oréal, AT&T, the San Francisco Asian Art Museum, HP, Sun Microsystems, Rainforest Action Network, Constellation Wines, Delicato Family Vineyards, Fujitsu, Ikonic Interactive, Red Dot Interactive, ZDNET, Bank of America, Charles Schwab, E*Trade, KM Disney, Emirates Airlines, McDonalds and CNN among others.

We know that, together with our clients, his positive endeavors will drive all of us to craft epic brand experiences that get traction, stories that spread, designs that inspire.

Please, join us in welcoming, Russell!

Allegro 234
Building timeless brands from the future.

We anticipate the patterns to create landmarks and metaphors with a personal touch, mastering the details, empowering the sense of harmony and integration.

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