The Future of Fashion, Food and Finance

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Four rooms, one day of deep and open debate. The 2022 Medinge Group’s Autumn Meeting in London!

What does the future of fashion,
food and finance look like?

During the last Medinge Group meeting, we shared and discussed our thoughts on the future of brands in general, and in the fashion, food and finance sectors in particular:

  • Brands with a Conscience: A core belief of Medinge Group is that brands should exist for all stakeholders and wider society. But are brands and sustainability really compatible?
  • Fashion: Gillian Lipton, provocateur for our third session, said she hoped it would give us a sense of the fashion industry’s challenges, but also the opportunities available to us
  • Food: The food salon’s provocateur was Andrew Winston, zooming in from the US. With his powerful introduction he set the scene for a lively debate
  • Finance: Lawrence Gosling took to the provocateur’s seat, with the question “Is finance fake when it comes to sustainability?”

Fashion, Food and Finance

Download the Medinge Brand Salon Report here!

Special thanks to the organisers and panellists of the salons:


  • Erika Uffindell
  • Andy Last
  • Zoe Colosimo
  • Anne-Marie McConnon
  • Brigitte Stepputtis

Brand Salon

  • Andy Last
  • Bryony Simpson
  • Astrid Benneker
  • Mark Irvine
  • Peter Fischer Brown

Food Salon

  • Andrew Winston
  • Cristián Saracco
  • India Langley
  • Julian Parfitt
  • Ted Matthews
  • Zoe Colosimo

Fashion Salon

  • Brigitte Stepputtis
  • Clare Lissaman
  • Gillian Lipton
  • Lida Hujic
  • Marco Marchesi
  • Sandra Horlings
  • Tamsin Lejeune

Finance Salon

  • Anne-Marie McConnon
  • Chris Kersbergen
  • Colin Melvin
  • Joanna Yarrow
  • Lawrence Gosling
  • Simon Paterson

    Medinge Salon 2

    Last but not least, special thanks to Andrew Park of We Are Cognitive, who illustrated this event.


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