The winery housing the brand

Bring the brand positioning to life to improve the business with large wine distributors


The challenge

Make the winery house the brand
Set Bodega Montecillo apart from the rest of the wineries on the La Rioja wine route, through a unique and attractive experience inside its facilities


Design a new brand experience that is practical, realistic and above all, aligned with business needs
  • The positioning of the winery was adjusted, an audience map and new attributes defined, and a niche to occupy found amongst the wineries. In terms of personality, the Montecillo archetype and expected behaviours were built to generate dialogue with their audiences.
  • A leading edge design of the brand experience was created including history, experience, typography and visual style
  • Moments of the visit were outlined and each given a part of the story in audiovisual or interactive pieces and supporting images


Design of spaces, furniture, packaging and decorative elements, and the development of new behaviours and brand ambassadors

Included scripting, for personalised training in guided tours and storytelling