Leadership style and values for a key audience

Development of audiovisual pieces to communicate programmes, messages and behaviours to company employees


The challenge

Bring learning to the workplace through technology, new formats and contents


Scripting, directing and producing two pieces of digital animation aligned with company values
  • Explain what it means to be team leader in five minutes -and offer a downloadable document
  • Display behaviours expected from a team leader in an attractive format


All of the bosses -more than 3,000 people, learnt the behaviours expected from a leader in a concise and attractive way
  • High ratios of watching the pieces through to the end
  • More than 1,000 downloads of attached documentation
  • Reuse of pieces for other roles beyond those for which it had been designed -opening programmes, presentation in forums, etc.
  • Improved presence and reputation in Training and Development areas of the corporate digital environment