From Training to
the Corporate University

Increasing the area's value

The challenge

Transform the Training and Learning area of the Corporate University which needs the company to lead its transformations


Design the initial Centre Director plan, considering:
  • Development of the positioning of the Centre: Establish personality, tones and modes for its communications. Define content regarding what the university is, what it does and what it promises, design elements that simplify and standardise communication, both for itself and use by third parties, establish the internal communication strategy and marketing macro-plan, launch and execute the plan
  • Development of new products, services and activities for the Leadership and Management School: Targeting of key internal audiences, creation of development plans for key groups, creation of internal practical communities, and the design and communication of training programmes for key collectives –online, blended and attendance-based
  • Design of a international publicity plan for the School. Presentation of international awards: Selection of the award, summary of the case and production of audiovisual pieces and media.


The Training and Learning area became key to transforming the company
  • It also became an international reference due to its good practices
  • It obtained the CLIP (Corporate Learning Improvement Process) accreditation awarded by EFMD in 2014
  • High levels of satisfaction with programmes and services offered by the Leadership School to key collectives