Allegro 234

Challenge Your Limits!

We are growth catalysts of businesses with a conscience through brands, people and experiences.

We make your company worth admiring, creating value, improving results and generating a positive social and environmental impact.

We create, drive and transform your brand so that it is ahead socially and digitally.

We develop strategies that provide creative solutions, designs that can be integrated into your business and implement what we say as interim managers of your company.

Our Founding Partners

We develop strategies that provide creative solutions and designs that can be integrated
into your business.

Roberta Larocca

Roberta Larocca

Founding Partner
Cristián Saracco

Cristian Saracco, PhD

Founding Partner

We rescue the legacy and the values of your business to project it as a contemporary global company seeking to generate a positive impact.

Our Values

We are assertive

  • We speak informally, in plain language
  • We deal with facts and truths
  • We challenge your thoughts to create something that’s truly your own
  • We know how to say sorry

We are attentive to your needs

  • We love what we do
  • We are driven to achieve the best plausible results
  • We encourage dialogue and collaboration
  • We make things happen

We are concretely committed

  • We recognize that new value is created beyond your market frontiers
  • We work in tandem with you and your clients to get fresh perspectives, create compelling concepts and generate positive change

We are socially sustainable

  • We are willing to promote a positive economic, social and environmental impact
  • We do things with a conscience and hope that this is the result of collaboration with all those with whom we interact

The Flow Collective

The Flow Collective is a diverse group of highly experienced, blue-chip brand and strategy thinkers and doers, passionate believers in brands with purpose and conscience.

Coming from 3 continents and having worked all over the world addressing some of the biggest strategy and branding challenges, in fields as diverse as FinTech, Telecom, Automotive, Healthcare and the Performing Arts.
The Flow Collective

The flow Collective promises to ask the right questions, reflecting its Brands with a Conscience approach.

Giving time, energy and vision. And challenging its stakeholders to find the right answers for themselves, their brands, their people and their businesses.

The members of the Flow Collective are also members of the Medinge Group, a think tank of brand experts and visionaries from around the world whose purpose is to influence business to become more humane and conscious in order to help humanity progress and prosper. Its work is inspired and informed by Medinge’s thinking.

Members of The Flow Collective

Annette Rosencreutz, Sweden Sandra Horlings, The Netherlands
Christof Zürn, The Netherlands Simon Paterson, United Kingdom
Giuseppe Cavallo, Spain Cristián Saracco, Spain
Peter Fischer Brown, United Kingdom


Our Positive Pragmatic Impact

Allegro 234 for Non-Profit Organisations

Companies are relatively new in terms of making their purpose explicit and considering the impact they have on society and the environment. In contrast, non-profit organisations, foundations -and even public administrations, start with a purpose. The challenge for them is to stay true to their purpose in today’s rapidly changing scenario.

Part of our work is aimed at creating and building unique value for non-profit institutions -including Pro-Bono projects. This allows us to establish a cycle that balances the economic results with the social and environmental positive impacts.

At Allegro 234 we align and inspire these types of institutions to engage them in a healthy process of continuous improvement.

Allegro 234 and B Corp 

Imperative 21

Allegro 234 was one of the founding companies of the B Corp movement in Spain and the first branding company to be certified in Europe. It was a certified B Corp from 2016 to 2018. Read More

Also, during 2017, Allegro 234 was chosen by B Lab as one of the Best for the World Companies. Best for the World is the only list of businesses making the greatest positive impact that uses comprehensive, comparable, third-party-validated data about a company’s social and environmental performance.

Although we haven’t yet renewed our B Corp certification, we maintain a score above 80 on our B Impact Assessment.


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