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A brand that starts to build its story 

The Challenge

Branding for a management buy-out.

Accompany the former CEO of Heery España with the management buy-out of this project management company.

  • Become a successful local player in an industry dominated by global companies
  • Associate the brand with the main characteristic that sets the company’s management team apart

Our Answer

From defining the business model to creating a new verbal and visual expression.

  • Business model and idea rollout -financial aim
  • Positioning
  • Personality, tones and means
  • Naming and other verbal expressions
  • Brand design and its basic applications
  • Online look & feel

The Results

A new brand that expresses a new promise, showing the previous experience of its management team.

The Acerta brand has:

  • Generated confidence based on its previous professional background
  • Assured differentiation showing a local response with a global perspective
  • Allowed the business to grow opening international branches

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