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Obra del Padre Mario

Return to the historical prominence that the Institution has had

The Challenge


For more than 50 years, the Obra del Padre Mario -OPM, has been providing different services and social actions, initially conceived and developed by its founder, Presbyter José Mario Pantaleo, together with a group of fantastic people.

OPM’s social action is characterised by the coverage of basic, physical, psychological and social needs of the inhabitants of González Catán, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

It offers the community the possibility of reaching its full development, supporting it with a tailor-made offer for the different social contingencies that a person or a family may face throughout their whole life.

Since 1993, it is the only NGO declared of National Interest by the Presidency of Argentina.

The Real Challenge

For various reasons, during the last few years, the OPM lost its awareness and high esteem.

This led to certain demands that can be summarised as follows:

  • Return to the path of recognition, consideration and growth
  • Establish a close dialogue with the different audiences -pilgrims, community, donors, employees, etc.
  • As a result, increase the number of donors and volume of donations


Our Answer


Conceptually, together with members of the OPM, a series of actions were carried out to:

  • Recognise an environment that had disruptively changed and demanded a profound transformation
  • Segment OPM’s key audiences to reach them with compelling and actionable messages
  • Reposition the OPM brand – not the “Padre Mario” for whom people hold immeasurable love and respect
  • Define basic elements for effective communication between OPM and its audiences
    • Personality, tone and manner
    • Verbal and visual expressions
    • Customer Journey
  • Develop a plan that is culturally accepted and easy to put into practice
Interim Management -Probono

Due to the pandemic we proposed to change our priorities to OPM and take over as interim management – probono project, the brand activation and the execution of the marketing, communication and fundraising plan.

The Results

Due to the extraordinary situation generated by the Covid-19 pandemic, once the conceptual stage of the brand strategy was completed, we took on the executive responsibility for the day-to-day management of OPM’s Marketing, Communication and Fundraising areas.

During the conceptual stage, we delivered:

  • A clear segmentation of key audiences
  • Alignment of and between institutional and brand concepts
    • Internally to Mario Pantaleo’s legacy, and to the institution’s present and aspirations.
    • Externally to specific trends that may affect the institution’s future as a world-class NGO
  • Development of a new personality -OPM didn’t have one, and the future communication tones and maners

During the last few years, our day-to-day management activities included:

  • Development and execution of a detailed Marketing and Communication plan -at institutional and area level, offline and online
  • Ideation, design and deployment of marketing material -including new products and services, PR activities, advertising material, etc.
  • Development of specific content – magazines, memoirs, books, etc.
  • Elaboration of fundraising and award presentations

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