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cristian saracco Archivos | Allegro 234

Saving banks | Statute changes versus brand changes

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Recently, with the Spanish saving banks reform we are attending the creation and deployment of new financial institution brands. What is the aim of these changes? Changing a name is actually quite different to changing a brand. Logos had changed, but what about the internal structure? Does it respond to a concrete strategy? A brand has its value; create a new one has costs.

The following chart shows a rough cost of each step supporting the change of a brand. Spanish financial system is known as one of the most serious in Europe. This consideration leads me to ask:

  • Is such change indispensable? Considering the crisis, is this the right moment?
  • Since it is not a legal obligation, was it necessary to change the brand? Couldn’t they think of umbrella brand systems, like ‘Star Alliance’?
  • Does it communicate confidence to investors and clients? And to employees?
  • Couldn’t be better to explain to clients the change from saving bank to bank instead of changing the brand?
  • Is it possible to come together seven brands into a unique one? And the culture?
  • With such names, can the enterprises expand all over the world?

Maybe saving banks had rushed too much. The new names are lacked of originality and/or rather similar, like Bankia, merger between seven saving banks, and Rankia, community of finance interested persons. Others didn’t thought either about the sense of the word they were going to use as a new name: existing brands, animal name, etc. being deep in a small crisis.

Now that the implementation of those brands has started, the aim for new bank entities and their communication department is to convince their stakeholders before to take the company public in a maximum of one year; they have to get renown

  • Do you think they can do it?
  • What do you think about the new brands?
  • Do you consider it will have a positive effect on the bank business?
  • How can new banks transmit this confidence that Spanish financial sector needs so much?
  • Will they be influent in an international way? Is it possible?
Sources: expansion.com

Allegro 234 in the spotlight of European Branding

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Over time, Allegro 234 has been positioned as a team of strategic  marketing and branding consulting experts.

This positioning is recognized not only in Spain but also abroad.

Cristián Saracco, Allegro 234 Founding partner, CEO, considered as a branding specialist, has been invited by “Communicate Magazine” as a judge for “Transform Awards 2011″

This is the first time a branding consulting group based in Spain is part of the jury of this European Brand Award.

Branding experts, communications practitioners and academics, will be part of the jury. Among them:

Angus Hyland Pentagram United Kingdom
Cheryl Geovannoni Landor Associate United Kingdom
Christian Birck Holcim Switzerland
Cristián Saracco Allegro 234 Spain
Fiona Atighi Government The Netherlands
Florian Dengler Meta-Design Germany
Fred Burt Siegel+Gale United Kingdom
Graham Hales Interbrand United Kingdom
Marc Cloosterman VIM Group The Netherlands
Neel Bradham InterfaceFLOR France
Rasmus Bech Kontrapunkt Denmark
Ruedi Müller Tatin Scoping Complexity Switzerland
Séan McKnight Dave Soho United Kingdom
Susan Brooks RSA Insurance Group United Kingdom

Transform is Europe’s only awards programme celebrating excellence in rebranding, repositioning and brand transformation.

The Transform 2011 Awards are launched by Communicate Magazine, the UK’s leading magazine for corporate communications and stakeholder relations.

The awards recognise best practice in corporate, product, regional and national rebrands, with categories that focus on strategy, execution, content and evaluation. More than that, they are a platform to discuss reputational change and transformation.

Transform is open to all companies or agencies that have launched a rebrand between April 2009 and December 2010.

It’s important that winners are properly benchmarked and recognised, and that the professionals responsible are acknowledged for their work.

Winners will be announced at a gala dinner on March 22, 2011 in London, UK.

If you want to see last year’s winners

In Allegro 234 we are proud of knowing that our CEO, Cristián Saracco is becoming a renowned branding professional, not only in Spain but also across the border.

More info about Transform 2011

Cristián Saracco  Allegro 234 Spain
Fiona Atighi Dutch Government The Netherlands
Florian Dengler Meta-Design Germany
Fred Burt Siegel+Gale United Kingdom
Graham Hales Interbrand United Kingdom
Marc Cloosterman VIM Group The Netherlands
Neel Bradham InterfaceFLOR France
Rasmus Bech Hanssen Kontrapunkt Denmark
Ruedi Müller Tatin Scoping Complexity Switzerland

Branding | The European point of view | Presentation to EMBAs’ of the Nance College, Cleveland State University

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On September 18th, I was invited to make a presentation to the future EMBA’s of the Nance College of Business, Cleveland State University.

This presentation talked about the differences and similarities between US and Europe regarding branding. Below, you’ll find it!

I know that without the verbal comments, parts of this presentation could be difficult to understand, however, the key points are enough clear (I hope!).

If you have any question, do not hesitate to make a comment about it… I’ll be here!

I was honoured and it was a pleasure to share these thoughts with professors as well as the EMBAs’! Thanks!