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disruption Archivos | Allegro 234

The Tendentious Dr. Utterson | The ‘innovation disruption’ trend & Branding | Chapter 4

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During the last years, we have segmented and studied different tribes. Actually, we have arrived to “almost one member tribes”…

The real issue, behind the scene, is that thinking of this situation we have converted our gray matter in a sort of mashed potato. We have thought a lot… Gray puree!

And some results are as great as interesting… Probably the most important event is that our lifes are becoming disrupted… and so our innovation processes.

Disruptive innovation is not to invent the square wheel, because it would be useless… It’s to come with new categories of products/services that are answering a real need (although that this could be a philosophical discussion, I’m assuming that needs exist adn are not created).

Hence, our disruptive lifes should be followed and anticipated (both at the same time) by disruptive innovation.

Trend #4: Disruptive innovation

Disruptive innovation is part of a conversation between people who belong to a tribe and companies that love to give something relevant to that people.

During the last years we have saw companies giving especific answers to:

  • Old people (retired)
  • Women
  • Gays
  • Kids

Also, we have seen that due to the conversation, products and services are becoming the result of a co-design between people of each system (company + providers + clients + customers + strategic partners + …). As a result of this we envisage three main drivers for innovation disruption:

  • Co-creation: People as part of the innovation event
  • Convenience: Products come to the market faster than ever… and this is better and more convenient… Dont’ you think?
  • Customization: Instead that ‘generosity’ is a trend, we will continue wishing to be unique and that requires personalization of the products and services that we use

Challenge #4: Brand customization

We are disruptives, innovation is disruptive… so, your brand experience should be also disruptive… Don’t be afraid, people will thank you!

A great number of brand experiences are changing and innovating. New categories are emerging and giving answers to especific tribes. Some examples:

  • Tiffany & Co. is developing customized dinner ware
  • Sephora has vending machines for cosmetics
  • Barcelona has a bike system for citizens with their correspondant bike stations
  • The Satndard Hotel has vending machine with socks and swimwear
  • Underwear for left-handed people
  • JVC’s Youtube camcorder
  • And we can add products fro tribes, from women to baby boomers 😉

In a continous timeline, we are jumping as kids 😉


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In recent times, whether by things I’ve read, conversations I have had or ideas that I actually have, the theme of identity and image come back again and again.

As I said a while ago in a “post”, it is difficult to explain my thoughts structure and how I came to this analogy that I’ll write below …

Let’s talk about branding and let’s do it seriously!


Some companies are tempted to renew their image and they beging this way… Because it is outdated, it’s ugly, it’s boring, they have money, in times of crisis it distinguishes themselves … because it is “cool, you know?”

This effort is usually based on and limited to design of its brand and commonly advertised with messages like “we have a new logo” … this could be simply considered as a metamorphosis of a worm to a butterfly.


Other companies however recognize that something is changing and that change gives a new intention to its value proposition or extends its scope of business or improves what they are doing now.

Evolution means that the changes, in what the company is, are slow… It is the evolution of identity and in many cases need to be translated into a change of image … It is proven, honest and real, what they are is different from what they were, and then they show it.

Without going into the religious aspects of the theory of evolution, they are moving from monkeys to humans, discovering that they can join the thumb with the little finger of their hands and walk on two legs.


A few companies see that it is time to make the jump, to live and to make live a new experience, something truly, unique and different from what is already known.

There is no evolution, there is a cut and something new, but some issues remain because in the end, individuals who interact in this system are the same, their DNA remains… They maintain their call to action idea defined at the highest level …

It is the disruption of identity, a sex change without notice … It’s also identity before image, but with a stronger need of working on a new image that tells what has happened …

Few companies do it, few dare to do so … Perhaps those in which the property is still present…

In sinthesys … If you think that in your case, the metamorphosis is enough, please consider your point of departure, and point out that the butterfly, despite its beauty, remains an insect!