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The tendentious Dr. Utterson | The ‘Phantasy’ trend & Branding | Chapter 3

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There are several sites talking about ‘phantasy’. Perhaps, the most valuable synthesis about this trend could be found in TrendWatching and The Cool Hunter.

Phantasy is based in two movements that are happening at the same time:

  • People are taking distance from mass-media, mass production, mass-advertising, mass-whatever
  • People are emphatically showing their opinions and thoughts in a more transparent and conversational mode

Trend #3: The ‘Phantasy’ of being demode

The observed result is that when people, companies, institution find themselves in a middle of a discussion, they use to answer in a traditional way that could be consider unreal… a ‘phantasy’… I know that I’m only showing one of the effects!

The real issue of this unreal situation is that people, giving their opinions, feel comfortable and enjoy this new power that they have obtained. There are no filters and/or obstacles from old institutions and corporations.

Challenge #3: Inclusive brand experiences

Brands need to evolve and their experiences have to be part of the people live experience. To do this, it’s simple (which doesn’t mean easy). We are talking about:

  • Honesty
  • Inclusive
  • Taboo adverse
  • Conversational
  • Fun
  • Having a real soul

Brand extensions will not be as we saw before. They will be as people want them to be… as a brand that gives something to improve their day-to-day experience.

Also, and this could be considered as ideological, what is false, must be done well… Seriously now, what I’m trying to say is that the story, the product, the promise should be good…

Examples to make this point clear (to see them, click on the images):

  • Comme des Garcons released their ‘Series 6 Synthetics’ line, which is a range of perfumes based on unconventional materials. This Japanese creation is sold in London’s Dover St. Market. Actually, these are anti-perfurmes, however, as they have been honest telling people this story, they are a success
  • Ticings: they offer decorative edible sheets of icing that quickly add modern design features to cakes, cookies, brownies and cupcakes. The taste of your cake it’s your problem… but, for sure, it will look so well 🙂

The tendentious Dr. Utterson | The ‘Generosity’ trend & Branding | Chapter 2

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Generosity [The Generation G] could be consider a trend in people as well as in companies. This trend probably is based on the tiredness we have regarding greed and its effects on economy.

Generosity emerges as a trend jointly with this online culture that we are experiencing and from the one we are learning.

In this new environment, companies will need to re-focus themselves, from paying attention to their belly buttons, to sharing passion and receiving recognition.

Trend #2: Generosity drivers

  • Disgusted people [now we could add crisis]: People are better informed of what it’s going on. So, companies that continue with the idea of non-bi-directional communication and interaction will be out of their radar (actually, they already are)
  • Companies that take care: As we are more informed, we are not only paying attention of company external behaviors, but also of how is the relation between companies and their employees. Things are more complex and decisions too. The key is generosity, care, empathy and simpathy. We could consider this need of change also for governments and intitutions.
  • New ways of talking and sharing: Deep in our behaviors, the issue is not about anger, it’s about passion. We are willing (and in same cases, able) to give, share and collaborate

Also, consider that young people do not differentiate offline from online, and online culture is based on generosity. Companies should learn this from people. It’s not a ‘nice to have?, it’s a must be…

  • Generous to people
  • Generous to customers
  • Generous to employees
  • Generous to environment
  • Generous to social causes
  • Generous… Period!

As it was said by Reinier Evers of Trendwatching, “generosity is more about context and timing than out-of-the-blue insights”.

Challenge #2: Brands dialogue

Brands will begin to play their game if companies (and marketers) understand that the one-way advertising is over. Brands are not to sell, they are to assist people in relevant ways…And people will buy…because of authenticity, functionallity, exclusivity… because they are able to talk, to dialogue with the brands. Is your brand ready for this challenge?

Brands will become the key to stay relevant to people who live in this collaborative culture. And for God sake, this goes beyond social responsibility or eco-care departments. It’s a change in the ways that the companies use to interact… It’s not a process, it’s a holistic understanding of relations.

Your thoughts, as always, are welcome!

Eco-Branding… More than chic!…

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eco iconic

As we can read in TrendWatching, over the past few years, we have moved from eco-ugly (ugly, over-priced, low performance alternatives to shiny ‘traditional sphere’ products and services) to eco-chic (eco-friendly stuff that actually looks as nice and cool as the less responsible version).
eco iconic 3
Now it looks like we are moving to a new stage… to eco-iconic: “Goods and services sporting bold, iconic design and markers, that help their eco-conscious owners to visibly tout their eco-credentials to peers”
eco iconic 4
So, it looks like it’s time for branding… It’s not only a question of chic, iconic and/or whatever… The eco-tribe, in certain way post-modern, is looking not only for fashionable goods. No brand experience left out there that has not seen its carefully scripted messages torn apart, if not exposed for inconsistencies or broken promises…
The experience is build on honest behaviours… Companies have to think, say and act in a consistent way!…
Beware of the clients…We are looking, we are saying, we are their best critics!