Casa del Libro

A new brand accompanied by a new business idea

The Challenge

Casa del Libro, one of the largest books stores in Spain, is facing new challenges associated with globalisation and digitisation.

  • Adjust its business model to an increasingly more online market
  • Evolve the brand maintaining its identity as “We are booksellers”
  • Grow by attracting new audiences to a new store concept to be rolled out in shopping centres

Our Answer

Through a co-creative internal process, workshops, sessions and interviews were held to develop a new business model maintaining the company’s legacy.

The values of Casa del Libro were reworked and the new positioning of the brand established, maintaining its history as booksellers and responding to demands of the online environment and a new type of store in shopping centres.

The Results

A brand that, in keeping with its legacy and experience, looks to the future as a modern and comprehensive leader.

In two years, Casa del Libro has:

  • Doubled its number of stores
  • Offered a catalogue of over 500,000 titles and information on literature from five continents

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