Brand conversations

To build a strong and long-lasting brand experience requires a personal conversation between people –regardless of their roles, and organisations.

It is a question of values and beliefs in a context of wider discussions.

The organisation gives a strategic intention to the dialogue; however, it’s an event out of its control. During the conversation through the brand, both companies as well as audiences will build a shared story which will be relevant, unique, meaningful and familiar if the company demonstrates coherency and authenticity with its thoughts, words and acts.

In this way, people and organizations will find consistency and enthusiasm coming from a new kind of relationship, plausibly more collaborative, based on conversations with conscience.

In addition, considering that we are living in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world –VUCA, those who have the responsibility of leading the companies must find new ways to maintain simple and constructive dialogues, while they answer the challenges of globalisation, digitalisation and politicisation:

  • Globalisation as an intensification of transnational relations through the interaction between people. The challenge is to understand each other and obtain recognition, generating a conversation endowed with significance and relevance. It is vital to understand the values between people and organisation through the brand.
  • Digitisation as a new way to create and capture value. Different communities are providing creative ideas as co-creative processes. Somehow, in this networked world, the key is on values that are lived, shared and implicitly communicated by brands.
  • Politicisation of companies goes through striking a balance between demands of their target audiences in the private sphere, and their social responsibility and consciousness. The consistency of values defines the authenticity –not necessarily transparency, of the organisation in the way it deals with these issues.

To allow a deep conversation, the brand has to be strategically crafted. Craft evokes traditional skill, dedication and perfection through the mastery of detail. For branding this means the need to merge formulation and implementation into a fluid process through which creative branding concepts evolve in our turbulent and disruptive world.

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Jan 29, 2016

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