Branding… Did you say branding?

Today, in Javier Velilla’s blog, he posted this video from Hundred Monkeys which is trying to explain what Branding is… It’s quite good.

Also, as Nicholas Ind said, there are plenty of definitions of brands and branding. Some people think a brand is a logo. Or advertising. Or packaging. Or another word for the name of the product and service they buy. In fact it’s all of these things and a lot more.

To get a sense of what a brand is, just stop and think like a customer. I buy Nike sports shoes and Apple computers, fly with Virgin, shop with Amazon, dream of owning a Ferrari and donate money to Unicef because I like what these “˜brands’ stand for. I fly with Virgin because of the quality of the experience, the look and feel of the planes and the way I am treated by the check-in and on-board people. Similarly I buy Apple computers because of the quality of the hardware and software, the position of the brand as an outsider and the in-store experience. I have never bought and never will buy any other computer. Owning an Apple is an emotional thing.

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Mar 26, 2008

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