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Building an effective GBCe brand narrative

The Challenge

Led by Antonio Monerris, GBCe conducted a study that defined the conceptual basis of its brand promise.

After five years, GBCe needed to move from conceptual to execution, driven by an updated, compelling and conscious positioning. Hence, this new promise had to support the construction of a reality-based narrative.

GBCe had to communicate its raison d’être and establish a rich dialogue with each of its key audiences.

Last but not least, it also needed to develop a plan to activate this new narrative in a practical and realistic way.

Our Answer

The overall result of this project was an effective communication system and a plan for its activation.

This included:

  • Segmenting audiences
  • Understanding trends affecting the GBCe and its audiences
  • Defining circles of confidence
  • Repositioning and declining its brand promise
  • Establishing a personality, tones and manners
  • Defining key messages
  • Establishing key milestones for activation of the new narrative

The Results

GBCe has a brand communication system that prioritises its messages according to each audience’s level of relationship and the characteristics of the content it wishes to transmit.

This creates the basis for a more effective dialogue with the different stakeholders

  • Functionalities for the most distant audiences
  • Reasons to believe in what GBCe has to offer for those who approach it
  • Benefits for those who engage closely
  • A conversation among the different stakeholders that makes everyone feel part of the construction sector’s transformation towards a sustainable model

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