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Impact Hub

Decisions driven by measuring the state of the brand

The Challenge

Impact Hub needed to measure the state of its brand.

In addition, it was also essential to:

  • Establish a medium-term measurement system
  • Suggest actions arising from the reading of this first measurement.

Our Answer

A first model was developed based on information available in Impact Hub plus existing public information from its competitive environment.

From this it was sought to:

  • Recognise those few metrics that already exist to measure the Impact Hub brand’s performance
  • Build an ad hoc model for the first performance measurements of the Impact Hub brand
  • Set targets to be achieved, measured, recognised and aligned with business objectives
  • Establish missing KPIs and how to obtain them in order to engage in a process of continuous improvement of the measurement and decision making system

The Results

The major benefit for Impact Hub of carrying out this project was having a tool which allows to take more objective decisions related to branding, marketing and communication actions.

The process made it possible to obtain:

  • Competitive map
  • Customer segmentation
  • Customer-brand-needs relationship map
  • Systematised brand measurement and decision making model
  • Knowledge of brand’s current performance status
  • Business rationale behind the adopted model
  • Forthcoming information needed to complete the model

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