A Hands-On Sustainability Community

The Challenge

To develop an online community built around a smart and easy to access information hub whose purpose is to help us in transforming our lifestyle for the better, being committed to answer “Common Needs” to becoming more sustainable on a continuous basis.

Our Answer

From building the community concept to activating the brand:

  • Development of an independent business actor to play the role of leader and amalgamator of an online pragmatic activism community, whose main concern is to provide reliable global and local knowledge on sustainability from reputable and verified sources, avoiding falsehoods, deceptions, half-truths or unfounded information.
  • Conceptual and creative creation of a Brand with a Conscience from its very beginning.
  • Development of the customer journey, marketing and communication plan
  • Activation of the brand assuming the role of Marketing, Communication and Contents areas

The Results

A lively and growing online community, which is still focused on the German-speaking market – although its communication and content is in both English as well as German.

  • From corporate purpose to brand promise
  • From personality, tones and manners to brand expressions
  • From conceptual patterns to activation plan
  • From marketing plan to growth plan – including future milestones and new audiences
  • From consultants to doers: Interim Management
  • Komoneed verbal and visual expressions
  • Komoneed website
  • SSNN pages
  • Komoneed communication templates
  • All contents -fixed, for communication, as well as for information and dialogue

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