When banking can be simple

The Challenge

A Costa Rican company decided to experiment in the fintech universe. Under the name of Efectivo Ya -Cash Now, they launched an online personal loan business, something already known in the region, however, without reaching the technological levels that this development possessed.

Efectivo Ya was based on an algorithm that, only requesting the client’s ID, in less than a minute granted a credit. It was an entirely online process, without paper, without bureaucracy and without having to go to an office to sign contracts. Also, in a couple of hours, the money was in the account of its customers.

After several months of operation, the shareholders recognised that the business began to gain scale and that this entailed the need of strategically rethinking, coming to express itself with a new identity that would support its rapid growth and underpin the pillars of its future expansion.

It required a brand that, as a strategic business platform, would drive it towards a new type of financial entity that is part of the lives of its customers and tries to help them with unforeseen events in a fair and transparent manner.

Our Answer

The strategic approach developed by Allegro 234 revealed that the company had to become a neobank with an urban, authentic, feminine, welcoming, executive, perfectionist and expert brand.

Along with the naming effort, simple shapes were designed and an its visual expression was created, with a low boxed lighted typography to show openness and closeness.

zenziya has the same pronunciation as “sencilla”, which in Spanish means simple.

The “e” of the logo is rotated in allusion to his agile, customer-oriented way of doing things.

The symbol is an interpretation of the “z” geometrically constructed and designed to live in mobile environments. Geometrics are perfect because it’s simple, so this brand expression is a statement of intent.

Chromatically we have relied on five colours ranging from blue, which bring us closer to the digital world, to purple and mauve, which submerge us in the feminine and executive worlds.

We added the company’s brand promise: “zenziya, expert in your small details”.

The Results


Since the brand was launched, the company has had a growth of 17% monthly in customers and 15% in borrowed capital per capita. During the first 18 months and with only 50 employees, zenziya provided service to more than 6,000 customers, of which more than 50% are recurring.

In addition, 95% of customers would recommend the brand and the second brand that follows only reaches 14%. Also, NPS -Net Promoter Score, is above 70%.

The plans for growth in services and geography continue and zenziya can already be considered a player of reference in Central American.

In terms of social impact, zenziya is committed to:

  • Advise and protect the customers through its online channels
  • Honour transparency requirements – e.g.: audited privacy policies
  • Contribute and work towards meeting goals related to UN 2030 SDG

Interim Management by Allegro 234

Allegro 234 has taken the executive responsibilities with the support of members of zenziya team in Costa Rica. The key activity areas are:

  • Brand Activation
  • Marketing Online and Remarketing
  • Online Advertising
  • BTL -Outdoor Presence
  • Internal Branding Deployment
  • Growth Development Plan and Execution

The brand continues to evolve, and it’s prepared to support the growth of the company as a platform, the supply of new services and the entry into new regional markets.

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