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Recyecology by Cosentino

Online conversations which enhance business

The Challenge

Creation and management of corporate social network | 2008-2012.

Cosentino, global leader in high value surfaces, launches ECO, a new product in a new market and as a global company that respects the environment, it needs to connect with new audiences.

  • Design something that allows them to know their audience better, be present and stay close
  • Engage with the public in a way that goes beyond a transactional relationship

Our Answer

Creation and management of a corporate social network which talks about matters to their audiences -sustainable architecture, innovation and cuisine.

  • Develop a channel to talk about the issues that really matter
  • Develop a conversation that goes beyond transactions
  • Talk about the places where the products live, beyond their functional characteristics

The Results

Through novel online environments in 2008, Cosentino talks to clients, consumers and opinion leader that have a direct impact on their business.

During those years it:

  • Positioned its new product avoiding cannibalisation of the existing ones
  • Demonstrated what Cosentino believes and how it behaves
  • Established a dialogue with more than 30,000 people from more than 110 countries

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