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Last week I was in a conference at IE University where I participated in a round table discussion about online communities, actually about building a compelling brand experience in university online communities.

The first issue that I discovered was that in Spain, round tables are rectangular, and discussion means independent presentations of the three/four speakers… And questions is an unpleasent situation, not because of the kind of questions but because it’s difficult to make it happens.

Any way. the issue is that before the event I was thinking about social networks and communities. To make it simple, a social network is the online support needed to build a community. However, the community is a pre-existent phenomenum. This means that the social network allows a better connection beyond geographical boundaries of an especific community.

We are a community, the so called “Brand 3.0” community, and we are supported by Webjam as a social network enabler. Following this path, Brand 3.0 is creating a new relevant and unique experience which basically is already known by all its members.

And here come my questions… If we are an unique community:

  • What can I do from my side to improve participation? (remember that we have the Coffee 234 -I’ll publish the results of the first offline meeting during these days, the WikiSemantic -where all Brand 3.0 members are co-editors, polls, forums, inspiration areas, spin-off Webjams, friend Webjams, Brand 3.0 Template,…)
  • Are we really a community? Are we talking?
  • Do you know people who could be interested on joining this social network? If so, what are you waiting to invite them ;)?
  • What can you do to improve our participation, conexion,… experience?

I look forward to hearing your candid comments!

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Mar 27, 2009

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