Telescope and microscope

Your business projects of growth and evolution towards global and contemporary models are accompanied through branding, protecting and nurturing the traditions and values of your history. It explores the future to make sense and validate it, facing the unknown.

Particularly, when we work with our clients, we anticipate the patterns to create landmarks and metaphors with a personal touch, mastering the details, empowering the sense of harmony and integration.

Several times, our current and potential clients ask us about what we do… and I believe it’s important to share the answer with you

We join our clients on giving answers to their deepest needs:

  • Grow their business
  • Engage their audiences
  • Go beyond their limits
  • Increase their results
  • Deliver value
  • Improve engagement

It’s key for us to be able to anticipate as necessary to reconstruct ideas that enable strategic action and its synthesis in the brand. We help to delineate appropriate and effective answers to each situation.

How do we work?

  • We come and go in a permanent flow between the anticipation, crafting and action
  • With a shared leadership, in tandem, with iterative development and constant adaptation

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In our branding projects, the starting point is to shape and give meaning to a desirable and provocative future. We prepare your mind to anticipate and imagine the future, recognizing the ambiguity and creating business agility.

Find the compelling purpose: Because personally, when you really want to do something, you overcome any obstacle. And as companies, the same happens.

Seeing the future proactively is a source of vision. This leads to an intuitive journey to insights, sense-making to inspire strategy. This creates clarity.


During the project we explore many options beyond your industry and categories of products and services. We see what works and seek early feedback. As we have multiple solutions, we access a variety of perspectives for analysis.

Observation and constant feedback provide perspective and information on what’s working or not in the present environment. All of this activity creates a contextual understanding of our business within the environment.

Then these visions become concepts shaping that desirable future.


We work with flexible networks, decentralized multidisciplinary internal and external groups which contribute with their views as part of the ecosystem of the company.

We create a new reality. Such projects require a high degree of creativity because in the end, the brand will be the synthesis and strategic platform of your organization.

Collective knowledge, trust, credibility, understanding that each and every one is connected to achieve organizational goals… Experiment and learn to adapt, improvise within the framework of the project.

Develop a professional environment where every member feels confident and safe to contribute.

These concepts lead to action.


We continuously validate what makes sense as a complete and necessary phase of any project characterized by “uncertainty”, accepting intuition as valid contribution to the generation of clarity.

We connect insights to create new concepts, merging the findings and shaping concepts. Learning through immersion experiences, scenarios and rapid prototyping

Turn these concepts into actions to shape a desirable future.


And when actions make business impact, it makes a difference.

Execute is to stage, to go beyond brand management, be committed to the legacy and aspirations of the company in a positive, practical, durable and effective way.

Telescope and microscope: Our daily exercise


Source: “Get There Early: Sensing the Future to Compete in the Present”, Bob Johansen

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