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As it was written in the 2008 Trend Report, one of the main observed trend shows that there is almost no brand left out there that has not seen its carefully scripted messages torn apart, if not exposed for inconsistencies or broken promises.

During this week in an article talking about China, Contagious’ Xtreme Information also talked about the need of brands to walk the talk. They were stronger than other media showing, for example:

  • McDonald’s Happy Meals targeted at kids in the US and UK come with “˜better-for-you’ substitutes, such as milk and Apple Dippers ““ but not in China
  • Subway Sandwiches has launched a “˜Fresh Fit for Kids’ menu, with apple or raisins as a replacement for potato crisps in the US ““ but not in China
  • Starbucks is now offering low calorie drinks and better food options for kids in the West ““ but not in China
  • In India, Danone is establishing a centre to study diet-related disease following pressure from anti-obesity campaigners ““ there is no such centre planned for China

For example, consider YouTube… It’s uncensored, politically incorrect, invokes debate and propels people’s news within hours… A virus infection which is demonstrating that companies do not own and control all their assets, specifically, their brands.

So… In certain way, in this new fluid world, the brand experiences are built or destroyed by us. Companies can and must make their best efforts creating a compelling brand experience… and that takes years… If they do not walk the talk, we are able to destroy that experience in seconds… Years to build, seconds to destroy…

Things are changing so fast and in a fantastic new direction… We are everywhere!… Take care, we are watching you!

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Cristian Saracco

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Jun 26, 2008

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