“… Leaden, dense and static clouds covered the sky producing a time confusion and diverted us from the moment to make us feel like in a limbo where time stands still. For Jose, his soul was like the day and the pressure in his chest did nothing but confirm that he should speak with Ramirez. Yes, he called her using her last name when it came to something important, and she knew it.

– Ramirez, you look so cute and, at the same time, so like the others. At certain point it makes me think that you have lost your charm. Your fanciful hair which has taken that colour from “blondes” in the magazines… Your nose, lips… your face that also as a matter of fashion shows the signature of a well known surgeon, your body cared obsessively… what can I say! You are beautiful, much like the others… and that, in an attempt to give more color has ended up discoloring you… Any way, there is something that still keeps me at your side… I don’t know!

– Jose, you are like this day, like today … gray scales on your face transmit the fatigue of your age, the tranquility of your life experience which has certainly been intense … However, I know why I stay … It is the sparkle in your eyes that still continue showing how your soul speaks… even, sometimes, rebel and different, distinct and nuanced, close and deep… what can I say! Your fierceness still charm…”

grey color 2

We live in a world that gradually gained grayscale and is ignoring the “black and white” situations. Actually, there are few things that we have no doubt that are in one way or another, without any scale.

The issue is that we often confuse gray scales with bleached. And we experience that daily.

We could talk about politics, business and individuals, companies, brands … discolored … Everything seems the same, laxity of action, lack of real leadership … even politically correct (something I think is a great source of discoloration)…

In the bleaching era, no one speaks bad of anyone, neither  speak well. The nuances are lost … and it ends up being more boring than sucking on a nail.

In a grayscale world, it looks like the winners will be those, who with emotion and intelligence, know how to nuance… Those which do not confuse assertiveness and monotonous education with correction…

In this new world it seems that the winners will be those able to create, maintain and enjoy the differences… and not those which, also being shining star (though fleeting), begin a bleaching process to look like the others… For businesses, in a world of managers, the winners are going to be the ones with soul of entrepreneurs!

If you ask me what this has to do with marketing, innovation and branding, I would answer a lot! … Pay attention to the nuances and find the message there!

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