Brandtopia or Needing a Fast-Forward to the Past

Usually, after a few days of being on vacation (of which I’m back), my thoughts begin to wander freely again, without the normal ‘noises’ that we use to have during the rest of the year.

I would like to share those thoughts with you…

I’m a little postmodern

I like to self-express, to have my own ideas, to believe that I can change the world (at my scale and in my immediate surroundings). I am respectful with (although I think I’m far away of being an example) gender issues, environment or tolerance. However, the most important issue which I think defines me as a ‘postmodern’ is that if I do not see a distinct benefit in what is presented to me, I choose things I already know and that still mantain validity.

In this sense, postmodern would be an individual who is capable of creating her/his own world, blending what it’s comming with what has always been good.

I think I’m walking in this direction, and I like it.

I agree to be in a world that flows

I think more than half of the posts that I’ve written in Brand 3.0 (I or my alter ego, Dr. Utterson) talk about the changes we are living… How we have moved:

  • From a real world and virtual one, to a real world, offline and online
  • From own goods, to enjoy experiences
  • From mere spectators, to ‘star’ of our micro-cosmos
  • From a deep knowledge of few things to superficial information of everything that surrounds us
  • From status by wealth and inheritance, to referential status and ‘meritocracy’
  • From being patient, to behave as eternal capricious young people

The world flows and we flow with it at high speed… We live the moment with intensity… What we imagine is possible and achievable…

The question that came to me was: “Where were our dreams? Where is this ideal world of Plato and Sir Thomas More that we want but it is not achievable? Have we left on the road the utopia (without ideological connotations… please!), doesn’t it exist anymore or are we living in it?

We have put a giant condom to our dreams

I think that at some point in time we have forgotten to dream, sorry, to DREAM in capital letters.

It’s like the speed and vertigo have put us in the condition of surface dreamers… And this may be philosophically unrealistic, however, is not utopian.

It is rare, it seems as if we had put a giant condom which does not let the big dreams roam and wander in our spirit. Something to pursue!

We have confused the progress of mankind with the development of our own humanity… And in some cases, times and situations, we’re still so primates as 10,000 years ago, at least as savage and violent (although in some cases, with a white collar).

At some point, I think that we need to dream again in an ideal and unreachable world to balance the progress with our ‘primitive’ behaviours, and stop thinking and saying that that world is the present one.

Isn’t it time to approach ourselves without a condom?


Some of us, dedicated to branding, marketing and this sort of stuff, also have to get down to thinking.

Our life and our bias to think in terms of brands leads us to speak of achievable dreams, unique experiences, living haphazardly, here and now…

  • What does it happens with us and with the ones whom we work? Haven’t we unattainable dreams?
  • How can we think of a better world if our horizon is limited to today?
  • What responsibility do we have to build a better world?
  • When will we stop to think that Arcadia is a Nintendo game not an ideal place to live

If branding is a matter of, for and among people, something should be done.

I do not mean giving up what we do, but to go back to what it’s worth to keep, to be postmodern in our work. It’s to know that behind the dream offered by a brand, there is a deeper, more valuable, more existential… permanent and unattainable… Utopian.

It is to add to our thoughts and actions:

  • Direction and guidance
  • Value
  • Criticism
  • Hope
  • Delicacy and delight
  • Honesty
And you, will you also do ‘Fast-Forward’ to those things of the past?

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Aug 17, 2010

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