New Space, Old Acquaintances

Together with Allegro 234, IPMark launches a new space -in Spanish- that will provide a practical vision on the purpose of the company as a lever for sustainable growth and transformation. 

New Space for Sustainable Growth and Transformation

Allegro 234 will share its work, which over the past 18 years has driven sustainable transformation and growth for its clients through people, brands and experiences.

As Roberta Larocca, Founding Partner of the consultancy, points out, the most profound goal a company can pursue is “to be worth admiring, creating value, improving results and generating a positive social and environmental impact”.

Therefore, the contents of this section will include both conceptual aspects and practical examples, both local and international, that will serve to understand the true weight of making explicit and sharing the company’s purpose with its key audiences, through its brand and the experiences it invites to live.


As Cristián Saracco, Founding Partner of Allegro 234, mentions, “this space should serve to generate a conversation, in business terms, about the weight of purpose when developing and executing a strategy that demands ever faster responses, in a world that recognises limitations in its growth, and greater rationality and care in consumption”.

Old Acquaintances with a Renewed Approach

Allegro 234 will provide us with its vision, legacy and renewed ambitions, combining its international experience and expertise in branding, marketing, customer journey and service design among other aspects.

The topics it will share will serve to drive business and brand towards the future, being ahead socially and digitally. It will be a way to respond at every stage to how value is generated, results are improved, and positive social and environmental impact is achieved.

The brand, understood as a conscious platform that reflects purpose, must develop and evolve at the intersection of company strategy, innovative culture, impactful marketing and a connected experience.

Finally, it is good to remember that what will be presented, in different ways and with different intensity, is the result of projects that have been carried out with brands such as Bodegas Torres, Casa del Libro, Codorníu, Cosentino, Green Building Council, Impact Hub, Komoneed, Medinge Group, Obra del Padre Mario, Osborne, Repsol, Trasbordo, Uriach o Zenziya among others.

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Allegro 234

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Allegro 234 is a global branding and innovation consultancy that catalyzes your company grow through its brands and culture.

Oct 30, 2021

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