Tribal Branding

Ronald Inglehart’s research began (almost) 20 years ago. In certain way, the upshot of this attitude research was that as societies grew prosperous, they were able to focus on “post-material” values.

The cultural value maps, that he and his team developed, show where each country is in terms of relation to authority and relative well-being. The interesting issue is that during the last years each country dramatically changed from one position to other.

It looks like people value agendas are changing. Plausibly, those values which are more associated with self-expression are becoming more important (it sounds logical if we accept that we are moving from a structural society to a network one – Zygmunt Bauman (2007): Liquid Times / Modus Vivendi).

If so, thinking about brand experience, it looks like we choose a brand (against others) because we are sharing values through our behaviours (people and company ones). Going deeper, it doesn’t matter the size of the company, each one has its value agenda and customers, employees and shareholders are people who should belong to the same tribe.

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Mar 10, 2008

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