Back to Essentials in 2023!

A time of balance, reflection, new desires, renewed goals…

What are your wishes for the coming year? Like every year, this recurring question, which we usually answer more or less the same, came up in our morning conversations.

And like every year, I was wondering what I really want. Always, my deepest desires have been various utopias, those wishes that guide you and that are hardly attainable in this world that we live in.

My answer scared me, because this year, my greatest wish is that during 2023, at the start of each day, we remember to act with common sense… Very earthy!

How intense, I thought. However, in that back and forth of ideas that, surprisingly for how early it was, gathered pace, I intuitively delved deeper and looked for an answer to that intimate desire, so typical of this end of another calendar cycle.

We can show our best side, but we cannot ignore the fact that this year we will be celebrating with more absentees than it should be, in a world that is more out of control, reacting with more ideological behaviour, more fanaticism, incredibly radicalised. We will talk to fewer people, just because they think differently from what is “my” absolute truth.

There are no puppeteers if we don’t want to be puppets of this reality.

To use more common sense is to build realities worth living, to act with sincerity, to defend our ideas, to be free thinkers, critics… emotionally rational.

For millennia, we have boasted of being a superior species, perhaps the time has come to prove it, and that is not an intellectual effort, it is one of common sense.

Common sense makes us more assertive and among other things encourages us to:

  • Think about the long-term consequences of our actions.
  • Consider different perspectives and points of view
  • Listen to our intuition and our own judgement.
  • Ask trusted people, friends for advice

In 2023 we’ll be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the birth of Allegro 234. Twenty years in which we evolved and transformed ourselves, going from a branding consultancy focused on building brands with true values to what we are today, a company that helps others to catalyse sustainable growth through its brand, culture, and experiences. A common purpose that is being refined and gaining new and better content.

The only thing I am “Allegro” about is that these are years of being consistent, years in which we have won and lost, enjoyed, and suffered. Two decades in which, in some cases, we decided to forget the grey scales and went black and white, because it was a natural requirement of what we believe in and to maintain the freedom of our thoughts and actions.

For what we think, for what we are and for what we wish to become, let’s go back to essentials and act with a great deal of common sense, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Cristian Saracco

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Dec 22, 2022

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