Commitment to Take Office. Really!

Businesses are transforming at breakneck speed, and so are we… It’s Time to Take Office!

Three Challenges You Can Face -among others, obviously

We tend to be exposed to transformation processes that lead us to new challenges. If you agree, we could say that the triggers for such situations would be:

  • Internal needs for growth -or survival: While consumer patterns are changing, the need to stay ahead of the curve, or at least stay on customers’ radar, requires transformation, even disruption
  • New external demands: It is not just about wars, inflation, or climate change. In our role as citizens and in the face of nation-states unable to respond -without exception or ideological bias-, we demand answers from companies for social and/or environmental concerns that we stopped paying attention to years ago -there were times when these issues were on the agenda of owners and managers.

In turn, these triggers create new challenges. I think you will be familiar with at least three of them, which are essentially an answer to those emerging requirements:

  • Launch a new product -from gamma extension to new category
  • Create a new business -associated with the core business
  • Modify parts of your value chain -via integration/externalisation

From Concept to Activation

We consultants love to highlight new, original, and cutting-edge methodological frameworks, which, at best, often matter little or nothing to our clients. The key is the benefits you can get when working with us -just like when one needs a CT scan, one doesn’t ask what brand the tomograph is, it’s what the doctor says that matters.

Probably, that’s why we present our framework based on the results and benefits obtained. I invite you to see this short video -one minute approx.

ABCDE™ Framework | Our Answer to Your Needs

In this process we go from “Anticipation” to “Execution” and probably this last point is the most striking. We are not just a team that conceptualises and creates, we also do. What we say, in many cases without much stridency, is what we dare to do.

Two business cases that may help you to visualise what we are talking about: Komoneed and Zenziya -start-ups which prioritised a deep strategic thinking approach


The following image synthesises our framework -it’s a sound investment for your print-screen DB.


However, let me stress its benefits:

  • It Builds a new kind of relationship: The success in this kind of approach is to work in tandem clients and consultancy firms -if you do it with us, even better!
  • It’s easy to understand, visualize, and share: If the process is done with a medium/long-term vision, those who work on the conceptualisation are highly likely to be the ones who will bring it to life. It’s important that the whole organisation knows this from the very beginning and above all, understands that it’s not a team that comes to compete, but to collaborate with the success and significance of the company
  • It’s a practical approach driven by tangible results: Let me remind you that when I talk about results, beyond the financial ones, I’m including those related to the creation of value and the generation of positive social and environmental impact. I’ll just tell you that we are fresh, ambitious, and bold with our ideas, and at the same time, conservative enough with our forecasts, you know what I mean, don’t you?
  • It’s prototype-based: The best is the enemy of the good. We work in “Beta mode”, launching prototypes that, if you know the objective they are aiming for, will allow for adjustments and corrections as they are executed -in addition, you do need a good control system with the right metrics

From Traditional to Committed Consultancy

Times are changing, challenges are changing, we must adapt ourselves to this new reality -like everyone else-.

The long term is becoming shorter and shorter. From moments of planning and management we have moved on to a sequence of actions which mix anticipation and execution.

Just thinking is not enough, just saying is not enough, the time has come to walk the talk with courage.

Final Thoughts

And that’s how we are enjoying our lives.

Once we’ve recreated and conceptually transformed your venture and brand, and developed the activation plans, we’ll be sure to assume the key responsibilities to move ahead and bring all those things to life as part of your team.

A successful interim management requires a sustained commitment

Let’s talk about your business and your brand

Learn more about transforming and growing through your brand, people and experiences while raising its conscience. Read our other cases, visit our blog, subscribe to our newsletter… or join us for a good cup of coffee as we discuss the possibilities of helping you build your business towards sustainable growth in value, results, and positive impact.

And, if you find yourself in need of a business, branding, and marketing partner to help grow your company, shoot us a message -we’d be thrilled to learn more about your goals and explore how we can help.

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Sep 5, 2022

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