The tendentious Dr. Utterson | Synthesis | End of season

I would like to begin this synthesis with something said by President Clinton, ‘It’s the economy, idiot…!’. At the end of this short story you will probably understand the reason why I’ve begun with this.

At the end of January I wrote the first chapter of this affair between trends and branding. Actually, the one who talked was Dr. Utterson, Dr. Jekylls’ best friend… the one who knew the truth.

Now, for the end of this season, I’ve invited Dr. Jekyll (J), Mr. Hyde (H) and Dr. Utterson (U) to discuss with you through their own dialogues.

(U) Trends are showing that people are changing, going back to their roots… Finally, we are talking again!

(J) For us that’s good news, we are revitalizing concepts and honestly validating what is around us. Good dialogues produce a better and deeper understanding of our reality

(H) And it’s great because we can manipulate people in the way we want, just telling them that we are good friends

(U) My not-so-good-friend Hyde, we, as people, are able to decodify the messages and segregate what looks like misleading

(J) Please, dear Dr. Utterson, don’t take him into consideration, he is an idelogical monster

(H) I could be whatever you want, but I’m not alone… my dear ‘other side of the coin’!

(U) But trends are something that’s happening around the world… And I presume that there are more honest people than monsters like you

(J) The important issue here, I think, is that we are facing a new kind of human momentum, disruptive, empowered, fascinating.

(H) No, no, no… There is a special feeling, I would say you get in extasis, when you know that you are cheating somebody else… Here you are, here I kill you!

(U) Your point is interesting and actually, it could be true, but I believe that it’s not going to work on the long-term. We wish to feel good, to avoid nightmares, to see that what’s around us reduces our uncertainties

(J) Now is time to observe, to anticipate… to execute… to innovate… to be and feel unique… And this is important for us, for companies, for institutions… I’m sorry to say that your time, Mr. Hyde, is gone

(J) (H) (U) Can’t you see it?… It’s simple… It’s the people, idiot!

To summarize, seriously and responsibly… Among trends and brand experiences, what matters is people… Yes, we are the key!

Time to think, time to talk, time to create, time to use our brains 🙂

Branding is a question of people… As simple as that!

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Mar 24, 2010

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