It is so important, a t the end of the month, to pay salaries, expenses … no doubt about it … That if we do not sold this doesn’t happen, too. But to think that this means that sales will take the reins of the company is somewhat different.

Al Capone

Let me put it this way:

Sales executes a plan designed by marketing (the only one responsible for the first row of the business’ income statements) which in turn responds to a business strategy which is coming from a specific and permanent company purpose (permanent in this case is not an absolute term)… And not the other way around!

However, it appears that in some cases, more than desired, things are not as well, moreover. They are exactly the opposite and I think that this is as saying that the gun is guilty, not the murderer… “It was the gun that killed him, not me pulling the trigger, nor the one planning the murder”

There are books written on sales, finance, marketing,”¦ driven companies”… and there are many executives following their recommendations … and the results are there!… Branding does not escape to this, there are thousands of pages written with this kind of wonderful ideas (perhaps this is one more to add to the list … you decide).

The brand experience is part of a marketing strategy which summarizes the intent of the business, conveys the purpose of the company (a call to action idea), and makes it a living experience that will add value and, of course, generates better incomes.

Is it so hard to understand? Am I missing something? Or am I completely lost?






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