Listening “This house is empty now” by Burt Bacharach, sung by Elvis Costello I began to think that this is a good example of postmodernism … You have modernity given by the image, charisma and style of Elvis, and a return to tradition due to Burt’s creation. The mix seems to me fantastic … Hmmmm. I’m such a “postmo”!

And the thoughts continued inside my mind without stopping… Hammering of realism.

We are in crisis and as an effect of a self-fulfilled prophecy it possibly continues for a while…

The point is that crises use to make us so creative, either by differentiating and take advantage of the scare that the others have, or because of a simple and basic need for survival.

The question is: What happens…

  • If a company relaunch an upgraded/modernized version of an old successful product? …
  • If we find something familiar, at a reasonable cost, that helps us to maintain our perception of welfare level?

This led me to two ideas:

  • Traditional companies could develop new products with low investment. Those products would be decoded quickly because they are familiar (reduce uncertainty and create attraction by association). Some time ago a friend told me that he had bought for “cents” a factory of glass bottles because with the crisis, oil price, ecology … the glass would be a basic need … And he was right!
  • In the case of new technology companies (whether for example the case of Webjam), although there isn’t “old successful products”, they could think of needs that until now were habitual provided in other ways, such as VoIP via Skype or Toktumi , or a “looking for job global central site”… I don’t know! … I do need to think deeper about it, although I believe that the concept is there… Do you get the idea behind the scene?

¿Ideas, suggestions, anything?


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