Within the framework of the celebrations for its 5th anniversary in the Spanish market (as a strategic marketing and branding boutique), Allegro 234 presented in Madrid the macro-trends that are changing our behaviour globally.

According to a survey by McKinsey & Co, nearly 70% of executives in the world agree that global, social, environmental and business trends impact their corporate strategies. So far, very few use trends while acknowledging that change, and from those only 17% are getting results. The winner minority!

In today’s world, where everything seems ephemeral, fast and fluid, “Trends & Insights” provided innovative content, aligned with that survey and in an understandable format.

More than anything, the meeting served to decode trends, This started with the understanding of the forces that are changing our behaviour globally. It was presented a typology which helps organize the kind of experience that somehow we are all immersed.

With examples of local and international brands and businesses that capitalize on the trends in products, services and experiences. There were 6 trend families:

  • “Real”
  • “Better”
  • “Fantasy”
  • “Participation”
  • “Trascend”
  • “It’s mine”

Adria 1

Adria 2

As an example, we were talking about the need of “FANTASY” and how Ferran Adriá applies this trend in his creations… and the impact and needs to create and mantain a relevant brand experience.

Then, during a workshop, and in an atmosphere of “meeting of friends”, company managers discussed and shared trends that they may consider to develop new products, services … experiences. They took clues and ideas to implement them the next day in their company.

Continuing with their celebrations, On May 23th, Allegro 234 will repeat the event in Barcelona. We will see how things go there, given that they look more “trndy”, at least for the number of registrations we already have … If you are interested and want more info, you’ll find it in Allegro 234 (even when our new website is still under construction).

Allegro 234
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